HiPACE++ is a 3D open-source portable (GPU-capable) quasistatic particle-in-cell code written in C++, available here. It is a full re-writing of the DESY-LBNL legacy code HiPACE, the Highly efficient Plasma Accelerator Emulator. Its main features are:

  • Multiple beams and plasma species to simulation beam-driven wakefield acceleration

  • A laser envelope solver to simulate laser-driven wakefield acceleration

  • An advanced explicit field solver for increased accuracy

  • Diagnostics compliant with the openPMD standard

  • Arbitrary profiles for the beams and plasma profiles

  • Readers from files for the beam and laser profiles

  • Adaptive time step and sub-cycling

  • Additional physics for the plasma (field ionization, binary collisions, temperature effects)

HiPACE++ relies on the AMReX library, which provides for particle and field data structures.